The ALPS Position Sensors system is a cutting-edge solution for measuring the sash position in chemical and pharmaceutical research fume hoods. Our open protocol technology allows for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and significant savings in exhaust and makeup air, optimizing energy effeciency.

With its keyed snap-together design, infinite length potential, and universal 10 Ohm per switch section resistive output, the ALPS System is the best horizontal sash sensing system available. Our technology is easily applied to existing hoods and has been designed with sustainability in mind, earning points towards LEED and Green Globe certification.

Our patented technology and UL Listed components are made right here in the U.S.A. and are a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your fume hood needs.

Below, you will find a gallery of some of the various applications of the ALPS System, including our CAT 3 Cable Manager, GMP Hood with Reactor and Oval, Lead-Shunt Kit, Nano GMP Hood, Nano Hood RJ Cable Manager, Nano Hood, Nano SS Dispense Hood, Switch and Actuator, and Switch Assembly. Each product has been carefully designed and crafted to meet the demands of the most demanding chemical and pharmaceutical research environments.

Selected Applications from MAAG KIT

Cat 3 Cable Manager Projects.

Cat 3 Cable Manager

GMP Hood with Close-up Projects.

GMP Hood with Close-up

Lead-shunt Kit Projects.

Lead-shunt Kit

GMP Chemical Fume Hood Projects.

GMP Chemical Fume Hood

Fume Hood RJ Cable Manager Projects.

Fume Hood RJ Cable Manager

GMP Hood Projects.

GMP Hood

GMP SS Dispense Hood Projects.

GMP SS Dispense Hood

Switch and Actuator, Asssembled Projects.

Switch and Actuator, Asssembled

Offset 1/2" for Proper Activation

Switch Assembly Projects.

Switch Assembly

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